Chiropractic Healing Works

Chiropractic Healing Works

  • What You Can Do To Help Ensure That Your Child Practices Proper Dental Hygiene

    Kids tend to eat a lot of junk food in the form of fries, chips, cookies, and sugary drinks, which all play a part in tooth decay. Most kids also lead pretty busy lives full of school and social events– so it isn't surprising that dental hygiene is typically put on the back burner by many young people. With a combination of not-so-healthy snacking habits and a tendency to neglect oral hygiene, it's possible for your child to end up experiencing the need for major dental work, such as root canals, as they age.

  • Answers To Questions Parents Often Have After Children Are Diagnosed With Hypodontia

    If your child's dentist or physician has diagnosed your child with hypodontia, a congenital condition where some of the adult teeth are missing from the jaw, you probably have a lot on your mind. What does this diagnosis mean for your child's future? Will the treatment be painful for your child? Read on to discover the answers to these and other questions parents typically have following a hypodondia diagnosis. What does this diagnosis mean for your child's future?

  • Allergy Pills Vs. Allergy Shots

    Although it has been commonplace to treat allergies via allergy shots for the last few decades, recently allergy treatment in the form of sub-lingual pills has started to appear in the medical world.  If you receive allergy shots, your interest might have been piqued when you heard about taking allergy pills, rather than receiving shots. You should know the difference between the two if you are thinking of asking your allergist to be treated with a pill rather than with a shot.

  • 3 Mysterious Facts About Kawasaki Disease, And Why You Should Take Mild Chest Pain Very Seriously

    Kawasaki disease is a rare condition that most frequently strikes children under the age of 5 years old. It predominately affects males of Asian descent, but there have been reported cases in females, and children of all races and ethnicities. The condition lasts for several weeks during which the sufferer can be in a great amount of pain and discomfort. However, most adults who have had it in the past don't even remember because they were too young at the time of its onset.

  • 5 Things Diabetics Need To Know About Root Canal Treatments

    Root canal treatments are a very common procedure: more than 41,000 are done every day in the United States. Generally, root canal treatments are a safe and effective procedure, but there are some health conditions that can increase your risk of complications. One of these health conditions is diabetes. If you have diabetes, here's what you need to know about getting a root canal treatment.  When do you need a root canal treatment?

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    Chiropractic Healing Works

    I used to be skeptical about chiropractic healing. However, that was before I tried it for myself. I was in an accident that did serious damage to my back. I followed all of the doctor’s recommendations, did my physical therapy, and still didn’t feel any better. That was when I finally decided to try going to my friend’s chiropractor. It was such a relief when I finally started to feel better thanks to the great chiropractic care I received. That’s when I decided to start researching chiropractic care and how it could be used to treat different conditions. This blog contains the results of that research. If you’re looking for a way to feel better, you too may benefit from chiropractic healing. These articles will help you learn how.