Chiropractic Healing Works

Chiropractic Healing Works

  • Egg Donation: The Why's And How's

    Egg donation is much more than a way to make money. Yes, you'll get paid for your eggs. But, that's certainly not the only reason why women choose to donate. If you're considering becoming a donor, check out why women donate and what's involved. Infertility Issues Over 12 percent of women suffer from impaired fertility, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That's 7.5 million would-be mommies. Even though not every woman who can't get pregnant has egg issues, those who do may feel like giving up.

  • Two Tips That Can Help You Move Beyond Jealousy

    When it comes to the range of human emotions, jealousy ranks right up there with some of the worst of them.  Jealousy can be so insidious and even dangerous because it could cause you to virtually hate someone simply because of who they are or what they have.  If you're starting to realize that you have a problem with jealousy, it's important for you to do something about it.  You don't want jealousy to make you do something that could be detrimental to your life.

  • 3 Reasons To Make An Appointment With A Podiatrist

    A podiatrist can be one of the best healthcare professionals to see on a fairly regular basis because of the various ways in which they can assist you with a wide range of various types of pain and issues relating to your feet and legs. Listed below are three reasons to make an appointment with a podiatrist. Fix Your Gait One of the most common ways in which a podiatrist can assist you is by fixing your gait, which is the way in which you walk and carry your body while walking.

  • Moderate Vs. Vigorous Exercise — Find What Works For You

    When you're developing an exercise program with the intention of losing weight, it's useful to give some thought to your workout intensity. Generally, many forms of exercise can be considered either moderate or vigorous. Some activities lend themselves more toward a certain category, while others can be performed at a moderate or a vigorous tempo. You may find yourself gravitating toward working out at a moderate pace or working out at a vigorous pace — or, maybe you enjoy fluctuating between the two.

  • Headed in for Major Surgery? How Can You Avoid Infection?

    If you're scheduled to have a surgical procedure over the next few weeks, you may be busily making arrangements for transportation and meals during your recuperation, as well as getting plans in place to have your workload covered while you're out of the office. Unfortunately, even the best-planned recoveries can go awry when you're exposed to antibiotic-resistant (or "pan-resistant") bacteria during your surgery or hospital stay that leaves you fighting infection for weeks—or even months—to come.

  • About Me

    Chiropractic Healing Works

    I used to be skeptical about chiropractic healing. However, that was before I tried it for myself. I was in an accident that did serious damage to my back. I followed all of the doctor’s recommendations, did my physical therapy, and still didn’t feel any better. That was when I finally decided to try going to my friend’s chiropractor. It was such a relief when I finally started to feel better thanks to the great chiropractic care I received. That’s when I decided to start researching chiropractic care and how it could be used to treat different conditions. This blog contains the results of that research. If you’re looking for a way to feel better, you too may benefit from chiropractic healing. These articles will help you learn how.