Chiropractic Healing Works

Chiropractic Healing Works

Undergoing Your Orthopaedic Surgery Procedure

by Charlie Berry

Joint problems will often need to be treated by an orthopaedic doctor if a patient is to find lasting results. For many of these serious problems, a patient will need to undergo surgery in order to have the damage to the joint repaired. While orthopaedic surgery procedures are extremely effective at repairing many types of joint damage, most people are not familiar with undergoing this type of surgery.

Will Orthopaedic Surgery Patients Always Need Extended Stays In The Hospital?

Individuals often associate surgery with having to stay in the hospital. When it comes to orthopaedic surgery, whether or not a patient will have to stay in the hospital will be determined by the type and scope of the surgery that they undergo. For example, a patient that is having laser orthoscopic surgery will be unlikely to require any type of extended hospital stay as this is an outpatient procedure. However, if a patient is needing to have a joint replacement or reconstruction, it is more likely that they will have to stay in the hospital as these procedures are far more intensive.

Will Orthopaedic Patients Be Able To Resume Exercising Once They Recover?

Exercise is an important aspect of living a healthy life, and it can be an integral part of your daily routine. This can lead to concerns as to whether you will be able to resume these activities following the orthopaedic surgery procedure. In most instances, patients will find that they will be able to return to many of their normal activities once they have healed. This can be especially true for those that are needing to have this surgery to repair the damage that occurred from a sports-related injury. However, a patient will have to make sure that they receive clearance from their surgeon before they resume these activities to avoid inadvertently putting too much strain on the healing joint.

What Happens During The Physical Therapy That Follows The Surgery?

After a patient has undergone their orthopaedic surgery, physical rehabilitation will be needed to strengthen the surgery site so that it can fully heal. These sessions will typically involve a variety of stretches and exercises. These activities can be somewhat uncomfortable during the early part of the recovery, as you are likely to be stiff and weak in the joint that was treated. Yet, most patients will experience a fairly rapidly strengthening of the joint as long as they are diligent with attending these lessons. 


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Chiropractic Healing Works

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