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Chiropractic Healing Works

4 Social Signs That You May Have Hearing Loss

by Charlie Berry

Hearing loss can be tricky. Hearing loss often sneaks up on people without them even realizing it, as hearing loss is generally a gradual process. Oftentimes, social changes are the first sign that someone's hearing has changed.

#1 Ringing in the Ears

Remember when you would go to a loud concert and come home? Your ears would ring for hours after. Your ears ring after a loud concert happened because you were losing some of your hearing.

This ringing in the ears occurs as you get older as well. As your hearing starts to decline, you may experience ringing in your ears for what appears to be no reason at all. Oftentimes, though, the ringing in your ears does have a reason. It is letting you know that you are losing some of your hearing.

#2 Turing Up the Television

Most people have a consistent volume range they stick to when watching television. Perhaps with your television, you usually watch televisions shows at volume level 16 and sports games at volume level 20.

If you notice that you are now watching all your shows at volume level 25 and cranking your sports games up to volume level 30, it may not be the television set. More than likely, your need to turn the volume up louder is related to your loss of hearing. As you lose some of your hearing, it is perfectly natural to start turning up the television in the house and the radio in the car to higher volume to hear what is being said.

#3 Noisy Situations Feel Overwhelming

As your hearing starts to decrease, it can not only be harder to hear, it can be harder to focus on what you want to hear. It can be more difficult to listen when you are in situations where this is a lot of noise, such as at a mall or in a crowded restaurant. In those types of situations, you may have trouble hearing who you are talking to or may start to feel frustrated with the situation.

#4 People's Voices Sound Different

Oftentimes, as you lose your hearing, people's voices start to sound different. You may feel that people around you are mumbling more or muffling their voices. You may have a particularly harder time hearing both women and children, whose higher-pitched voices can be harder to hear when you are losing your hearing. 

If you are experiencing any of the social signs above, you may be losing some of your hearing. You should get a hearing test if you think you are experiencing any of the signs of hearing loss above. There are hearing aids that can make hearing and social situations comfortable for you again.


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