Chiropractic Healing Works

Chiropractic Healing Works

2 Small Everyday Habits That May Make Your Chronic Lower Back Pain Worse

by Charlie Berry

If you suffer from chronic lower back pain, you may have already tried making a few adjustments in the way you do things, such as lifting with your legs or getting up periodically at work after sitting for too long. However, there are other small everyday habits that you may be doing that are contributing to the pain and tightness in your lower back.

1.  Climbing the Stairs Too Quickly

As part of your efforts to get in shape or maintain your fitness level, you may opt to take the stair whenever possible. You may even try to climb them as fast as possible to get in a little extra cardio workout during your day. However, doing so could be contributing to your lower back symptoms.

As you run or walk up the stairs quickly, you tend to lean forward to aid in your balance and momentum. This is especially true as you reach the top of a flight, since you may start getting tired. 

Leaning forward for more than a few seconds at a time puts a strain on your back muscles, causing them to tighten up. However, when combined with the impact of your feet hitting each step, your muscles stiffen more, leading you to have increased pain when you are finished. This is often most notable when you finally sit down.

If you do not want to give up this part of your daily routine, start paying attention to your posture as you climb the stairs. Whenever you notice that you are leaning forward, straighten up your back to help relieve the pressure.

2.  Slouching in Your Seat During a Long Commute

When you have a long commute to and from work, or you have to sit in a traffic jam every day, you may find that slouching down in your seat feels more comfortable. However, while you may feel that this helps your discomfort, slouching down in the seat for more than a few minutes can hurt your back.

In this position, your bottom is in the middle of the seat and your upper back is positioned on the backrest. This leaves your lower back completely unsupported, which puts pressure on the muscles and spine. Then, when you finally reach your workplace or home, you experience increased stiffness and pain when you get out of the car.

Instead of slouching, make sure your lower back is rested firmly against the backrest. If your seat has lumbar support, adjust it until you feel comfortable. If not, consider using a small pillow at the base of the seat to help support your back.

Making small adjustments in some of your everyday habits and behaviors could help keep you from making your symptoms worse. For more changes that you can make to help alleviate your chronic back pain, ask your doctor for their advice.


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