Chiropractic Healing Works

Chiropractic Healing Works

Reasons To Invest In A Portable Ultrasound For Your Vet Clinic

by Charlie Berry

As a veterinarian, you want to provide the best and most advanced services to all your clients. Adding the convenience of a portable ultrasound machine, which you can buy from a medical supply store, will help make your practice more beneficial to both you and your clients.

Here are reasons to invest in this type of medical equipment for your veterinary office. Your medical supplier will help you choose the best machine for your budget and practice needs, whether you specialize in large or small animals on a regular basis.

You can do house calls

If you already do house calls, then you can still benefit from the convenience of this portable machine that allows you to look at the insides of your animal patients. An ultrasound can detect tumors, pregnancy, and other bodily issues, so you can visit your more difficult clients — such as a large horse or a very ill house pet — at the patients' homes and still be able to get a viable diagnosis for many animal problems.

If you don't do house calls, getting a portable ultrasound machine will help make providing this service easier. You can charge a house call fee to your clients, which they will happily pay to not have to move their beloved animal out of a familiar area to receive quality veterinary care. Adding house calls to your list of services also helps your clinic stand out among competitors, which can garner more patients and profits for your business.

You have emergency access

If an animal is in need of urgent care and must be seen where they are or you have to gain quick access to see what is wrong with them internally in an emergency and don't have time to ready and prep a clinic room, the ownership of a portable ultrasound machine proves beneficial. You can bring this machinery with you as you travel or leave it in an easily accessible part of your vet clinic to quickly serve your clients when time is important.

Depending on the model you buy, you can buy this piece of veterinary equipment for as low as $5,000. This investment will pay for itself in the greater service you provide to your animal clients. When you're ready to buy a new piece of equipment for your vet clinic, review brands and models with your medical supplier so you purchase the best portable ultrasound equipment for your practice's needs and budget.


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