Chiropractic Healing Works

Chiropractic Healing Works

Are You Ready To Treat Your Symptoms Of Menopause? 3 Benefits Of Using A Compounding Pharmacy

by Charlie Berry

While you knew to expect a few mood swings and hot flashes as menopause hits, you might not have expected your acne to come back. Unfortunately, the hormonal fluctuations that occur with menopause often result in confusing symptoms. For instance, your skin may be unusually dry one day and covered with pimples the next. Fatigue, a low libido and general mood changes are a few more symptoms of reaching a certain age. Fortunately, bioidentical hormones are an option that you can use to reduce the severity of these symptoms, and having your medications compounded offers you these benefits.

Customize Your Medication

Unfortunately, many hormonal treatments and beauty creams fail to live up to their claims. This is because everyone's body makes hormones in different amounts, which means that there is not always a one-size-fits-all formula for anti-aging medications and creams. A compounding pharmacy can use your personal health information to formulate a medication that works with your body's natural hormone releases. The pharmacist can even take the customization further by eliminating ingredients that irritate your skin issues. For instance, certain fragrances or dyes contained in other skin creams could cause skin rashes or redness, and you can enjoy the benefits of these medications without the unwanted side effects.

Streamline Your Medication Regimen

No one wants to spend hours taking pills and slathering on lotions to look and feel better. With menopause, you may need to take multiple medications to manage your symptoms. When you have your medications compounded, you can avoid having a row of jars lining your counter. Instead, the pharmacist can mix the hormone treatments in with your skin care medications so that you can manage them all at once.

Keep a Discontinued Skin Care Medication

Nothing is worse than finding something that works and then discovering that is discontinued. Unfortunately, many medications and skin care products are eliminated by manufacturers to make room for other items that may not be as effective as what you used before. Dermatology compounds allow you to work with a pharmacist to recreate blends of certain ingredients so that you never have to stop using what you know works best for your body.

In a time when so many things seem out of control, it is nice to know that you can at least get the help you need to improve how you look and feel during menopause. By choosing to have your medications compounded, you can customize their ingredients as well as their delivery methods so that you are satisfied with your ability to keep up your health.

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