Chiropractic Healing Works

Chiropractic Healing Works

Could Your ED Be Tied To Relationship Problems? Here Are Some Indicators

by Charlie Berry

There are many different reasons that men can suffer from erectile dysfunction, including different health issues, and as a reaction to certain types of medication. There's no denying that erectile dysfunction can also have a close link with one's mental health. While stress and anxiety, including over your own sexual performance, can definitely increase your likelihood of failing to get and sustain an erection, it's also possible that you struggle in this area because of issues with your sexual partner. Here are some indicators that your ED could be tied to relationship problems.

You Start Off Fine

Some men have no trouble getting an erection at the beginning of a sexual encounter or even well prior to this activity. However, as things progress, it's possible to lose your erection. One potential reason that you might suffer from erectile dysfunction partway through a sexual encounter after getting an erection earlier is that you aren't on the same page as your partner. It's possible that some of your relationship issues come up during the sexual encounter, and they quickly turn you off. For example, if your partner is bossy or selfish in everyday life, and also has these traits in the bedroom, you might notice your erection going down.

You Can Get An Erection On Your Own

Assess your ability to get an erection when you masturbate. If you have trouble with doing so, any number of issues could be at play. However, if you can routinely get an erection and sustain it without any difficulties until you climax, it's a reasonable indicator that you don't have anything physically wrong with you. It's possible that the presence of your partner and some type of relationship issue between you is getting in the way. On a similar note, waking up with an erection or noticing one during the night is another indicator that you're fine physically.

What You Can Do

While you should always visit your family doctor if you're experiencing erectile dysfunction, don't be afraid to dive into the health of your relationship if you feel as though you can confidently link your ED to problems with your partner. Don't blame your partner for this struggle, but rather suggest that you feel your dynamic together may be a contributing factor. In addition to whatever treatment methods your doctor recommends, typically, erectile dysfunction treatment meds that will help you to easily overcome this challenge, you might also wish to seek counseling as a couple to help you work through whatever issues are present.


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