Chiropractic Healing Works

Chiropractic Healing Works

Does Your Athletic Child Have Lower Back Pain? Make Sure They Don't Have Spinal Cancer

by Charlie Berry

Lower back pain is not an uncommon problem for athletic children who work out a lot. However, persistent lower back pain could be caused by spinal stenosis. This serious problem is often an early warning sign of the development of spinal cancer. Make sure you to get your child checked for these problems if their pain continues to get worse.

Symptoms Of Spinal Stenosis

Lower back pain isn't necessarily caused by spinal stenosis. There are many other causes that can lead to the development of this disease, including sore or pulled muscles. An athletic child with a sore lower back, therefore, may not suffer from this disease. However, they may have it if they suffer from neck pain, problems with walking, numbness in their extremities, or pain and cramping in the legs.

This type of back pain is often quite severe and grows in extremity as the disease progresses. As a result, an athletic child with this type of pain should see a doctor right away. However, they may also be suffering from a spinal tumor that is causing this condition.

This Pain Could Be Caused By A Tumor

Conservative treatment of spinal stenosis should help your child's back pain decrease. However, there is also the chance that the pain could start getting worse. When this happens, there is a good chance that a tumor on or near their spine is causing spinal stenosis to occur. This is usually the case when the child suffers from weakened bowel or bladder abilities and feels pain when the sine is manipulated or compressed.

They are also likely to suffer from other serious problems, such as nausea, vomiting, and pain that keeps getting worse. While these symptoms may be present with very severe spinal stenosis, they usually don't appear unless your child has some form of spinal tumor. As a result, you need to talk to a lower back specialist right away to get treatments.

Managing This Serious Danger

Getting an x-ray of your child's lower back and spinal cord is crucial for assessing if they have a spinal tumor. If they do, treatment must be undertaken to get rid of it. Surgery, chemotherapy, proton therapy, and other methods are often used to eliminate the tumor. Unfortunately, your child may be unable to perform in their favorite sports indefinitely.

If they are lucky and they have no spinal tumor, their chances of participating in sports is greatly increased. More conservative treatments, such as radiofrequency neurotomy can manage their spinal stenosis and decrease their pain. While surgery may be necessary to manage their lower back pain, they are more likely to quickly recover from it than they are cancer surgery.

So if your child is suffering from lower back pain after participating in a game and it just won't go away, talk to a pain specialist today. These skilled medical experts can help you and your child understand the problem and successfully manage it. To learn more, visit APEXPAINSPECIALISTS.COM


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