Chiropractic Healing Works

Chiropractic Healing Works

Simple Treatments That Can Help Manage Anxiety

by Charlie Berry

If you are working through symptoms of anxiety, your doctor can help you find a medication that works for you. But there are also some simple daily treatments you can try that may make a difference as well. Managing anxiety is a delicate balance of creating a functional lifestyle and using medication if needed to help with mood disorders.

These alternative treatments can work in tandem with your medication or other prescribed doctor's treatment to help you leave your anxiety behind in favor of a happier, calmer outlook.

Group Counseling

Along with individual counseling, group counseling can be beneficial for people who have anxiety. You can meet with people who have had similar struggles, especially if your anxiety is rooted in a certain experience. For example, if you have PTSD and anxiety from an abusive relationship, meeting with others who have been through it can help you to provide support to others while receiving support in return. Just knowing there are people who understand can be a major help in day to day anxiety management. 


Meditation helps you practice some techniques like deep breathing and relaxation. Daily medtiation has numerous benefits for anxiety treatment including:

  • Reduced stress response. You'll have lower blood pressure and lower blood lactate levels, which directly affect anxiety attacks. 
  • Improved mental clarity. You'll have a better ability to think through feelings and panicked thoughts when anxiety peaks. 
  • Reduced pain. Anxiety often bring muscle tension and reduced digestive ability. The simple act of meditation will help you manage this stress-related pain.
  • Increased serotonin production. This is a feel-good hormone that brings a sense of wellbeing. 
  • Expansion of the mind. You'll be more able to work through small frustrations and daily stresses without triggering underlying anxiety.

If you are new to meditation, you might try joining a group guided mediation class.You can also find videos online modeling different meditation styles. there are many different varieties, so if it doesn't seem to work well with your personality, keep hunting until you find the right style of meditation for you. 

Low Intensity Exercise

You've probably heard before that exercise can help with anxiety. Exercise improves your sense of wellness, but you don't have to perform a killer workout to get the benefits. You might not enjoy really tough workouts at all, but you can commit to exercising daily. You might talk a brisk walk outdoor each morning. You could develop a love of cycling or go on hikes alone or with a friend. Swimming can also be a therapeutic workout that bring you a sense of strength and confidence.

Exercise releases endorphins that help with mood stabilization, and it also increases your stress threshold. This means that it takes more stimulus to trigger your physical stress response. 

Time Outdoors

There's proof: being outside reduces stress. The simple act of being in a place with fresh air and green plants can lower your heart rate and bring increases calm and happiness. You're more likely to live an active life and to bond with friends if you spend time outdoors together. You also experience a natural mood lift when in the trees; trees provide food, shelter, and warmth, so some researchers belief it's an instinctual response to feel more secure and pleased when in their presence. The exposure to natural light when you're outside is another natural mood booster. On days when you can't make it out, make sure to pull back the curtains so you can still soak up some healing rays. 

If you're still having trouble managing your depression or anxiety, contact a local mental health professional at centers like Psych Dimensions Inc.


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