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Chiropractic Healing Works

Three Things To Know About An Urgent Care Facility

by Charlie Berry

Urgent care facilities have been growing in number across the nation, and they have become an important part of health care for many people. They are often more convenient than an emergency room for issues that are not life threatening. An urgent care facility does not require an appointment, so you don't have to wait to see your primary care physician. However, there are a few things you should know about these clinics. The following are a few of them.

You should select the clinic ahead of time

You should know whether the urgent care clinic will take your insurance. Although most insurance is accepted, how your insurance company will cover the cost can vary. In some cases, there will be a copayment for your visit. Although it will be less than you would pay visiting an emergency room, it will usually be more than a visit to your doctor. Know ahead of time how much an urgent care visit will cost you. You should also select a clinic that is close to your home, but no necessarily the closest. It should be a combination of convenience and insurance coverage.

Make sure it is an urgent care facility

There are some hospitals that have an urgent care clinic, or at least they claim it is one. But upon closer inspection, it is a walk-in emergency room. Because they are hospitals, these clinics are often crowded with long wait times. On weekends and evenings, when you can't see your regular doctor, this type of emergency clinic is not likely to be convenient. In addition, your insurance may be billed for an emergency room visit, and your copayment, or other out of pocket expense like a deductible, can be much higher. Make sure that an urgent care facility is not a watered down hospital emergency room. Urgent care facilities are seldom on the same property as a hospital.

Know when to use urgent care

Generally speaking, emergency rooms are for life-threatening conditions. But there are many things that can happen to you that require medical attention quickly, but fall short of being a threat to your life. Examples include small broken bones, such as the fingers or toes. Or perhaps you fell down, and your arm or leg doesn't feel. An urgent care clinic can do an X-ray. If you have a cut that may need a few stitches, this can be done also. If you have flu symptoms, such as a fever, a cough or a sore throat but can't see your doctor in the next 24 hours, an urgent care clinic is a good choice.

An urgent care facility is convenient and is often a better choice for certain conditions than an emergency room, and they complement the health care provided by your primary care physician.


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