Chiropractic Healing Works

Chiropractic Healing Works

Dealing With Teeth Grinding And Neck Pain? Why See A Chiropractor Fast

by Charlie Berry

If you are having severe pain in your jaw, neck and shoulder, and you think that you grind your teeth throughout the night, your first appointment should be with a chiropractor. Instead of heading straight to the dentist to get braces, you want to treat the problem, not just mask it. You have to find out why the teeth are grinding and why the skeletal structure is out of alignment, to determine what the best way to treat the problem will be. Here are some of the things that you want to consider.


If you have already had x-rays or any other type of test taken you want to bring that image to the chiropractor for them to look it. The chiropractor may decide that they want to give you an x-ray so they can see the bones, and they are going to feel the area and make a manual assessment of the situation. If the bones are out of alignment, this may be causing the upper and lower mandible to grind at the joint socket, which can spread pain throughout the face, neck and upper body.

Manual Adjustment and Manipulation

The chiropractors will use their manual manipulation skills to help move the skeletal system back into the proper alignment. It may take more than one adjustment for the chiropractor to get the jaw bones back into their proper place, and time will be required for the muscles to hold the bones properly, but this is the ideal natural way to treat the problem.

Mouth Guard During Transition

It may be easy to wear a mouthguard to protect the teeth and to help the teeth slide against each other in the night while you grind your teeth. Reducing the friction can help reduce some of the pain and soreness, because it reduces some of the strain on the joints. These can be purchased at a pharmacy or custom fitted from the dentist.

Your chiropractor will want to talk with you about different things that you can change in your lifestyle, from your posture to the bed that you sleep in, that can help to correct misalignment and pain in the body. Make an appointment right away before the problem has a chance to get any worse, and be sure that you try to find out what different triggers are causing you to grind your teeth, along with straightening the skeletal structure. For more information, visit websites like


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Chiropractic Healing Works

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