Chiropractic Healing Works

Chiropractic Healing Works

Signs That You Should Visit The Gynecologist Soon

by Charlie Berry

Beyond your yearly checkup at the office of the gynecologist, you will want to make appointments for problems or concerns that may come up from time to time. To help you know just when is the right time to make a gyn exam, you will want to review the following health concerns.

Bleeding Between Your Regular Menstruation

The occasional bleeding between your regular menstruation is usually not something to be concerned about. However, if this is something that is happening ore months than not, or it is occupied by pain, discomfort, or additional discharge, you will want to quickly schedule an appointment with your gynecologist. While it could be nothing more than a change in how your body is going through its cycles, it could be a sign of cancer or an internal injury.

Unusual Discharge

Even if you are not experiencing any pain, anytime you notice a discharge or odor that is not common for you, you will want to bring it to the attention of your gynecologist. Make an immediate appointment for problems that consist for more than a day or so, as you could have an infection or a sexually transmitted disease. Even if you have not been sexual active for a long time, it could still be an STD, as some will stay dormant in your body for months, or even years, before they start to show signs of their presence.

Painful Intercourse

If you have noticed that intercourse is now painful, you will want to call to schedule an appointment with your gynecologist. The problem could be a number of things, such as increased dryness, uterine fibroids, or even an infection. The only person that will be able to diagnose the problem correctly, and then provide you with the best possible treatment, would be your doctor. Therefore, you will want to do everything you can to be seen as soon as possible.

Make sure that you are scheduling all of your appointments with a gynecologist that you trust and feel at ease when discussing such matters. After all, some of these issues can be very personal in nature, so you need a professional that you feel comfortable opening up to so you can talk about all of the things that are bothering you without being embarrassed or having a fear of judgement. If you do not yet have a gynecologist, you will want to start looking for the best in your area.


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