Chiropractic Healing Works

Chiropractic Healing Works

3 Questions You Might Have About Your Skin Itching

by Charlie Berry

If you are experience itching all over the body you might be wondering what it could be or what you can do to relieve the problem. Itching can be a confusing symptom, so it can be hard to pin down exactly what is causing it quickly, but here are some things that you should be looking at.

Is The Itching All Over, or In One Spot?

Itching can be a sign of many different things, like psoriasis. One of the first things that doctor will ask you is if the itching occurs all over the body or if it is in one place more than the others. For instance, if you have lots of itching around your elbows or your scalp, it could be something related to dry skin. If you have one spot that is red, inflamed, and itching it could be from exposure to something that caused an allergic reaction such as a bug bite, contact with a substance, or even a food allergy. Some people get a localized rash when they eat certain foods like milk.

If the itching is all over the body, it can mean a problem with the entire system. For instance, it could be a disease, such as lymphoma, celiac disease, or other auto-immune illnesses. Even though these diseases many be all over the body, in some cases there are places that itch worse than others.

Is There A Rash Present?

Another important questions to consider is if there is a rash or not. A rash will tell you a lot about the itching. A rash can be a sign that you came in contact with something dangerous. Or a rash can be the symptom of an infection. It depends on the look of the rash, if it has an open wound, and if it comes and goes, stays all the time, or was just a one time thing.

If there are open wounds the doctor may take a sample of the inside of the wound to test for infections. If not, they might diagnosis it from the look and feel of the rash.

How Will The Doctor Treat The Problem?

It can be hard to determine the cause of itching. Many times your doctor will run blood tests, do skin biopsies, and a variety of other tests. If the cause is not figured out easily, they might do more invasive testing such as an MRI or CT scan. This is because itching can be a symptom of something serious, which is why it is best not to ignore it.

By understanding these things you can get to the root cause of the itching. 


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