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Chiropractic Healing Works

How A Fall On The Ice Messes Up Your Back And Hips But Saves Your Head

by Charlie Berry

Slipping and falling on ice in the winter is a pretty common occurrence. Unless you live in a part of the country where there has never been any ice, you have probably had this painful experience at least once. What you may not know is that falling on ice messes with your body's alignment, and causes back problems too. A chiropractor will always ask about slip and fall accidents, as well as any other kind of trauma because these accidents all affect your back, spine and alignment. Here is how that occurs.

Landing on Your Hips 

With every slip and fall on ice you have, the first part of your body to make contact with the sidewalk or other, ice-covered, hard surface is your derriere. You have a bottom with lots of fat padding so that when you land your bones are protected. However, that does not mean that the jarring motion of your landing does not affect your body.

On the contrary, when your hips and buttocks receive that kind of a blow, it can torque your hips out of alignment with your spine. The applied force of the fall shoves your hips in one direction or another, depending which hip lands first. You may notice more pain in one hip or buttock than the other, and then you know which side hit the pavement before the other.

Landing on Your Back

The second part of your body to hit the ground is always your back. In response to a fall, your spine immediately curls forward in an attempt to protect the most important part of you--your skull/head. Your spine curves toward your front so that your head does not smack the pavement and you do not get a concussion or brain damage. As a result, your back takes up the remaining force of the fall, putting small cracks in your vertebrae and causing slippage or hernias of the vertebral discs. If you do not see a chiropractor and "just shake it off." you could have much more severe pain and problems with your back later on.

Visiting the Chiropractor after a Fall

You should, as soon as you are able, visit a chiropractor after your fall. He or she will take x-rays and measurements of your alignment, hips and spine to see if and how much damage you incurred from the fall. Then the chiropractor will offer a treatment plan to rid you of pain and fix the damage. 

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