Chiropractic Healing Works

Chiropractic Healing Works

Developing An Exercise Program As A Cancer Patient

by Charlie Berry

In the past, patients were instructed to spend less time exercising and more time resting if they are suffering from cancer. However, doctors are increasingly recommending that patients engage in some exercise regardless of whether they are currently undergoing cancer treatment or are recovering from cancer, but only under certain circumstances.

When You Should Not Exercise

Patients should avoid exercising when the act of exercising causes pain or shortness of breath. Do not exercise if you are often dizzy. In this case, it is important to consult with your physician and physical therapist about what exercises should be engaged in instead to improve you health and energy levels.

The Consequences of Not Exercising

Not exercising can lead to a loss of bodily function and can cause fatigue. Fatigue can make it difficult for a patient to cope with the rigors of cancer treatment. Exercise can improve balance, which can reduce the risk that you will fall and suffer broken bones. The sooner you begin exercising, the better you will feel, and the fewer complications that you will suffer as a result of medications. You will not need to take as many medications to treat pain and other symptoms.

Choosing an Exercise Program

The exercise program that you use should be based on what is safe for you to perform and what works for you. Try several forms of exercise to determine which activities you like the most. For example, some individuals may prefer going for a walk, while others might prefer to engage in a competitive activity, such as tennis. Whatever you choose, it is important to choose an activity that you will stick to.

Exercise Recommendations

For most individuals, it is recommended that they engage in 2.5 hours of exercise a week or more. However, for cancer patients, this requirement might need to be modified based on the recommendations of your physician and the toll that treatment takes on your body. Also, if you had a very sedentary lifestyle before cancer, you may need to start slowly before you can work your way up to a more vigorous exercise regimen. Because of the challenges of maintaining an effective exercise regimen, or if you do not have experience to create an effective program, . Therefore, it makes more sense to hire a physical therapist or a personal trainer who will create a program that will be best suited for your health concerns.

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