Chiropractic Healing Works

Chiropractic Healing Works

Laser Intense Pulse Light Therapy Gets Rid Of Your Unwanted Acne Condition

by Charlie Berry

The science of laser therapy is that it works with light to target bacteria. Bacteria mixes in with excessive amounts of sebum and causes acne breakouts. So laser uses intense pulse light therapy (IPLT) that's also referred to as a photo facial. Photo facial destroys the annoying bacteria that causes acne breakouts. The treatment also prevents future breakouts while it works to eliminate your current active acne condition. Laser therapy for acne problems is the perfect cure for your unwanted acne.

How Intense Pulse Light Therapy Works

The problem of acne begins when your sebaceous glands secrete increasing amounts of sebum onto your skin. Your skin cells shed daily, and the oil mixes with the sebum deposits from shedding skin cells. These improper shedding skin cells block your skin's pores. Acne breakouts then occur. Intense pulse light therapy shrinks the sebaceous glands, which then decreases the glands' production of oil. 

IPLT kills acne bacteria and minimizes any scarring. Scarring is addressed by combining light therapy treatments with a process known as laser skin resurfacing. Skin resurfacing stimulates the collagen in your skin and also acts to remove any obvious signs of aging while smoothing out fine lines on your skin. Depending upon the degree of your acne condition, you may need a few additional treatments as well as possible touch-ups following your surgical procedure. This ensures that all unwanted pigmentation and scarring are treated.

Your dermatologist will treat your skin and return proper balance to your acne-prone skin surface, and you can look forward to glowing skin with acne out of the way once you've undergone this laser skin treatment. Even dark spots on your skin that are usually attributed to sun damage will be removed by intense pulse light therapy treatment.

Taking Care of Old Acne Blemishes and Adult Acne

You will definitely benefit from laser treatments that also address old teenage acne blemishes. Be aware too that acne has a habit of returning even when you're an adult or a senior citizen. Scars become harder to remove as you age. The topical products you may use do not help just as they didn't help when you were a teenager. Laser skin resurfacing is the best choice for your skin when you notice acne breakouts happening as you grow older. The process will get rid of the usual stubborn symptoms of blemishes and scars that accompany this condition.

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