Chiropractic Healing Works

Chiropractic Healing Works

Egg Donation: The Why's And How's

by Charlie Berry

Egg donation is much more than a way to make money. Yes, you'll get paid for your eggs. But, that's certainly not the only reason why women choose to donate. If you're considering becoming a donor, check out why women donate and what's involved.

Infertility Issues

Over 12 percent of women suffer from impaired fertility, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That's 7.5 million would-be mommies. Even though not every woman who can't get pregnant has egg issues, those who do may feel like giving up. Without an egg, pregnancy can't happen. Whatever the reason for needing an egg, donation is the way for women who don't have viable eggs to have babies.

The Gift of Life

As an egg donor you're literally giving the gift of life. Many women choose to donate because they truly want to help other would-be families out. Whether they don't have children, aren't ready for their own children or are already mothers, these women are healthy and able to produce eggs – and, they don't take this ability for granted. By giving their eggs to families who are struggling with infertility issues, the donor is able to contribute to someone else's happiness in one of the most major ways possible.

Qualifying for Donation

Before jumping in to donate, you'll need to make sure that you're qualified. How do fertility clinics verify this? The doctor will examine you and perform diagnostic tests such as an ultrasound and blood work. You may also need to get a second round of testing or another exam after being match with someone who needs an egg.

The Process

When you're selected for donation, you'll start a process that eventually results in retrieval. This involves taking hormones and visiting the doctor for check-ups. It's important to follow all of the doctor's directions during this time. This may include days that you shouldn't have unprotected sex with your partner (to make sure that you don't get pregnant during this time). The road to retrieval typically takes about one month. When your eggs are ready, you'll go in to the OR and the doctor will retrieve them.

That's it! In less time than it takes to grow a garden or take a college class, you can completely change someone else's life. Egg donation isn't a job, it's a giving a gift. Even though there is a financial aspect to it, there's so much more. Understanding the why's and how's can help you to decide if this gift is something you're ready to give. To find out more, speak with someone like Missouri Center for Reproductive Medicine.


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