Chiropractic Healing Works

Chiropractic Healing Works

Moderate Vs. Vigorous Exercise — Find What Works For You

by Charlie Berry

When you're developing an exercise program with the intention of losing weight, it's useful to give some thought to your workout intensity. Generally, many forms of exercise can be considered either moderate or vigorous. Some activities lend themselves more toward a certain category, while others can be performed at a moderate or a vigorous tempo. You may find yourself gravitating toward working out at a moderate pace or working out at a vigorous pace — or, maybe you enjoy fluctuating between the two. Here are some advantages to each style of exercise.

Moderate-Tempo Exercise

Moderate-tempo exercises, which can include walking, cycling, and hiking, are beneficial in your effort to lose weight. They provide a slow, steady caloric burn rather than a quick one, which means that you'll need to devote a little more time to a moderate workout than a vigorous one. Moderate exercises are perfectly tailored to those who are looking to lose weight but don't have a history of being physically active; for these people, it's easier to start with something at a moderate tempo. Additionally, if you enjoy the idea of working out with a partner and making it a bit of a social activity, moderate exercises are ideal. For example, you can take a 60-minute walk each evening with your neighbor and be able to converse throughout because you aren't overexerting yourself.

Vigorous-Tempo Exercise

Examples of vigorous-tempo exercises can include running, swimming, and jumping rope. These exercises are advantageous for people who are short on time. For example, if you don't have 60 minutes a day to take a walk for weight loss, you can burn a significant number of calories in just a 20- or 30-minute run. Some vigorous exercises for weight loss are possible in your own home, too. You can easily jump rope or perform jumping jacks in your home for just a short interval and burn plenty of calories.

Find What Suits You

Neither of the above styles of working out for weight loss is superior to the other; each has its advantages. It's important to find what style suits you best, as this will be the best path toward losing weight. For example, if you feel like you "should" be exercising vigorously but it doesn't feel natural, you may quit after just a few runs. Conversely, if you're a high-energy person, walking may not feel authentic because it's too slow. The key is to find the activities that you enjoy — and don't be afraid to switch things up — so that you can stick with them.


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