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Chiropractic Healing Works

How To Reduce The Scarring From A Bad Burn

by Charlie Berry

After suffering from a major burn on your arm, you may be wondering what you can do to keep the scarring to a minimum. With burns, there are ways to reduce scarring; however, the size and looks of your scar will depend on how severe the burn was. The scar that remains will also depend on how well you care for the burn once it happens and over the next few weeks and months. Here are some tips to help you minimize the scarring from a burn wound.

Seek Help Immediately

The best thing you can do after getting burned is to seek professional help for the wound. You can do this by visiting your local doctor's office, or you could go to an urgent care facility if your doctor's office is not open.

When you seek help for a burn, a doctor will thoroughly clean the burn for you. This is designed to make sure there is no debris in the burn and to kill all the germs and bacteria present. Next, the doctor is likely to place a dressing over the burn. The dressing will help keep the burn moist and will keep dirt and dust from getting inside of it. Dust and dirt can contaminate wounds, and this can lead to an infection. Because of this, the doctor will also give you instructions as to how to properly care for the wound at home.

Keep Pressure On It

The first thing you should realize is that scarring will be less if you keep pressure on the burn all the time. This may include wearing tight clothes for the pressure, or it could include wrapping a bandage tightly around the wound. Keeping pressure on the wound will help, because it encourages the skin to regrow normally, and this is one of the tips a doctor will tell you when you visit an urgent care center.

Apply Antibiotic Cream

The doctor will also stress the importance of keeping the wound clean, and one of the best ways to do this is by using antibiotic cream. This type of cream will kill bacteria and will keep infections out of your wound. Infections delay healing and can cause complications, and this is why it is important to apply cream to your wound each day.

Use Honey On The Wound

The doctor may also suggest applying honey to the wound. Using organic honey, such as Manuka honey, is another great way to reduce scarring from burns. To use this, simply apply the honey to the wound daily. You should wait until after the wound has scabbed up to do this though, and you can continue applying the honey to the wound for as long as you would like. This method appears to offer good results for scarring, primarily because it helps speed up the healing process.

Massage Your Scar

Finally, the doctor may tell you that you will have a better chance of reducing the scarring from your burn by massaging it. Massaging a wound helps to stimulate blood flow and oxygen to a wound. Because of this, the wound may heal faster if you massage it regularly. If you decide to do this, use caution so that you do not harm the wound at all.

If you just burned yourself badly and are not sure what to do, you may want to seek help for your burn by visiting an urgent care facility. A doctor there can clean the wound and apply a dressing on it, and he or she can also give you further instructions about caring for the wound.


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