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Chiropractic Healing Works

Nasal Polyps: What They Are And How You Can Treat Them At Home And Prevent Recurrences

by Charlie Berry

If you suffer from nasal polyps, you probably have already experienced the frustration and miserable symptoms they can cause. A standard treatment option is surgery, but there are other options for healing nasal polyps, some of which involve the use of natural home remedies that cost little or next to nothing. Below is more information about nasal polyps as well as your at-home treatment options.

How polyps are formed and develop

Nasal polyps are borne out of chronically irritated nasal passage tissues and are a product of sinus infections, asthma and other inflammatory processes. In addition, cystic fibrosis sufferers often develop nasal polyps as a complication of the disease. As the the outer lining of the passages, the mucosa, remains in a state of constant irritation, small pockets of pliable, translucent masses begin to develop and extend outward. These small pockets will descend in tear-dropped shapes and develop smooth, shiny surfaces that appear like that of grapes. It is common for nasal polyps to develop in clusters, and over time, nasal polyps can grow to such size that nasal obstruction occurs. In addition, nasal polyps can cause other symptoms such as headache and facial pain, congestion, runny nose and snoring. In fact, the tendency of polyps to obstruct air flow through the nose can contribute to sleep apnea and make obtaining a restful night of sleep all but impossible.

How nasal polyps can be treated at home

While nasal polyps can be removed surgically, there is a significant chance they will recur, particularly if there is a history of aggressive growth of polyps. That is why it is helpful for those with nasal polyps to pursue other means of treating them, including self-help remedies. Below are a list of things you can do at home to alleviate nasal polyp symptoms, as well as help prevent them from coming back once removed:

  • Get control of allergies - Since allergies are so often a source of nasal irritation that can lead to polyp appearance, it is important that any allergies, such as hayfever, be kept under control. That means avoiding potential allergens such as pet dander, plant material or pollen, smoke, dust and other other materials that can irritate your nasal passages. One means of protecting yourself is to wear a face mask when working outdoors during times of high allergen counts. Daily allergen count information is available through newspapers, the weather report on the local news and online sources, so be sure to monitor this information and respond accordingly. If you're still suffering allergy symptoms, ask your doctor about whether a prescription nasal spray could help alleviate your symptoms.

  • Irrigate your nasal passages and sinuses - An effective means of clearing out mucus and irritants that can accumulate inside your nasal passages and sinuses is to use a nasal irrigation device. Your local pharmacy will likely sell a variety of devices, including syringes, electrical irrigators and neti pots, which are small kettles that hold the irrigating solution. The use of irrigation is safe if performed correctly, but be sure to never use tap water without boiling it first and allowing it to cool. Unboiled tap water can contain harmful microorganisms that can cause illness. As an alternative, you can use purified drinking water or distilled water to form the basis of the solution. Consult the instructions provided with the irrigation device to learn how to mix the solution as well as how to use the device.

  • Use apple cider vinegar, eucalyptus oil and water - Two natural agents that can pack a powerful punch against sinus and nasal issues are apple cider vinegar and eucalyptus oil. Mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a glass of drinking water, and swallow the mixture as a helpful way of clearing up sinuses. In addition, just drinking plenty of plain water can help moisturize your nasal passages and prevent dehydration that makes you more susceptible to irritation. Finally, mix a few droplets of eucalyptus oil into a small sauce pan with a cup of water, heat it over a stove, and inhale the steam as it gently rises. This will help open your nasal passages plus kill harmful microorganisms that might be causing irritation or infection.


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