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Chiropractic Healing Works

5 Ways Sitting At A Desk Can Cause Spinal Injuries

by Charlie Berry

Spinal injuries are often associated with physical activities or large falls, but they can also occur in resting positions. Whether you work at a desk, use a computer at home, or spend time sitting for some other reason, there are multiple ways to injure your spine. Instead of trying to let the injury heal on its own, orthopedic surgeons can evaluate the damage and recommend corrective surgery. There are four different ways that a spinal injury can occur while sitting. Being aware of these can help you identify how an injury was caused and prevent one from occurring in the future.

Improper Chair Cushioning

Hard chairs, like stools or wooden chairs, do not provide the proper cushion that you body needs. This adds extra pressure to the tail bones and spinal discs. Over prolonged periods of time, these areas can wear down and cause extended pain or injury.

When sitting for long periods of time, it's important to have proper cushioning. This cushioning should be placed both under your seat and on your back. It will help relax your body and provide extra support.

Bad Posture

Spinal pain and injury is often caused through bad posture while sitting. This is especially true when sitting at a computer desk. Injuries can become so painful and bad that you will need surgery to correct issues.

For example, leaning forward while you type and sit can put a lot of strain on your spinal discs and ligaments. It's important to sit at a right angle, keep your elbows even, and have a chair that offers lower back support while you sit up. Not every chair is ideal for every person. It's important to find a chair that you are comfortable in and will not experience a lot of pain from.

Chair Heights

Along with bad postures, the height of a chair can cause spinal problems too. If your chair is too short, your body will condense and put strain on the spinal discs as they are pressed together. If the chair is high, you may have to lean forward to look down at a desk or computer monitor.

Adjust a chair so that you feet sit flat on the ground and you are almost eye level with the computer monitor. Lifting your head and neck up and down a lot can also cause extended pain through your spine. This is especially important if you work at a job where you are required to spend the majority of a day at a desk.

Prolonged Sitting

Even if you are sitting properly, your spine can go through additional injuries by staying in the position for too long. This can cause the bones to lock up and tighten. There are multiple ways to help if you have to use a computer or desk for extended periods of time.

  • Stretching Periods: It's a good idea to stretch before you sit and after each hour of sitting. Stretch out your back muscles and legs to help keep things as comfortable as possible. If time is limited, then consider stretching during a short break or during lunch break.
  • Standing Desks: During part of your day, you can transfer to a standing desk. When using a standing desk, you have the ability to stretch your body and work from a more comfortable position that does not put as much strain on your spine.
  • Massage Sessions: Once a week, it may a good idea to hire a professional massage service for spinal relief. They can help point out problem areas. If the problem areas continue, it would be a good idea to get referred to a professional orthopedic surgeon.

Do not let spinal injuries go on for too long. It can make the damage a lot worse. Getting a professional opinion is the best way to determine the next steps in care for your spine. It can dramatically change your mobility in the future. You can visit to learn more about diagnosing and treating your back pain. 


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