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Chiropractic Healing Works

3 Mobility Products That Could Make Your Senior Parent's Life Easier

by Charlie Berry

A lot of seniors find it hard to get up and down when sitting or lying down, but there are products that can help make these tasks easier. Home mobility aids are designed to help seniors with these tasks and more, and you may want to look into some of these items for your senior parent. Here are three types of mobility products that could make your parent's life a little easier, and this could help your parent keep his or her independence longer.

Reclining Chair

A reclining chair is the perfect mobility product for anyone that has trouble getting up from a sitting position. These chairs recline and have foot rests, and they also lift up. They are often referred to as "lift" chairs because of the way they go up.

If your parent has a chair like this, he or she will be able to control the angle of the seat on the chair with a button. This button moves the back of the chair forward, which causes the seat to lean into a forward position. The chair's seat is placed at an angle position (with the back of the seat being higher than the front of the seat), and this makes standing up so much easier. This also makes sitting down easier because a senior will not have to lean as far back.

Reclining mobility chairs often have other functions too, which are all controlled from a small remote-like device. In some cases, these chairs will lean all the way back, turning them into a flat surface similar to a bed.

Medical Bed

The second item that could be extremely useful for your parent is a medical bed. These are the types of beds you will see in hospital rooms. The benefit of these is that seniors can control them with remotes. They can change the angle of the bed, and they can lift up the head of the bed to allow them an easier way to get in and out of it.

You can also choose to have side rails on the bed, if you wish, which are good to have if your parent has ever fallen out of bed while sleeping. Most medical beds come in twin sizes, but you may be able to choose the type of mattress you would like for the bed.

Walker or Cane

The third item you should make sure your parent has is some type of walking aid. While there are dozens of different types of mobility aids designed to assist seniors when walking, a standard cane or walker may be sufficient for him or her. Canes and walkers from sites like are often small enough and light enough for any senior to use, but they offer a lot of support for a person.

Your parent may not only need a cane to help him or her get from one room to another, but these items can also make it easier to get up and down from a chair or a bed. Your parent could place the walker in front of his or her chair and use it for support as he or she sits or stands.

If your parent has an issue with one of his or her legs, you could also consider getting a knee walker to use. This is a small bike-like device that seniors use when they have a bad leg or foot.

These three items could make your parent's life easier and more enjoyable, and you can purchase them from a store that sells home mobility aids. These stores also sell a variety of other types of products that your parent may also benefit from.


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