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Chiropractic Healing Works

6 Ways To Pay For Cancer Treatments

by Charlie Berry

A cancer diagnosis is difficult to deal with, both physically and emotionally. Cancer treatment can also be quite expensive, adding to your stress during this already challenging time. Luckily, there are some great resources in place to help you pay for your cancer treatment, after your health insurance covers its part. Here are six ways to help pay for your cancer treatments:

Raise Funds Online

One way to potentially raise a lot of cash to cover your cancer treatments is through online fundraising, also known as crowdfunding. The idea behind crowdfunding is that if enough people contribute even a small amount of money toward your medical bills, it can quickly snowball into a large amount overall.

Fundraising websites allow you (or a family member or close friend, if you are not  comfortable fundraising on your own) to set up a fundraising page, sharing a bit of your personal story. The narrative should emphasize your experience with cancer and the associated medical costs. Friends and family who are adept at social media can then share this fundraising page with their social networks, potentially reaching a large number of people. You may find that even people you don't know personally are eager to donate when they hear your story.

Get Help with Medication Costs

One of the most expensive aspects of cancer treatment is often the medication. Getting assistance with your prescription costs can significantly reduce the overall expense of treating your cancer. Depending on the manufacturer of your specific medication, you may qualify for prescription assistance. The nonprofit Partnership for Prescription Assistance helps people apply for and receive discounted or free prescriptions, as well as help with insurance co-pays.

Apply for Government Assistance

Depending on your financial situation, you may qualify for Medicaid or other government assistance programs that can provide discounted or even free medical care. Start by contacting the government assistance office for your state.

If your cancer will affect your ability to work and you will not be receiving paid leave, you may also qualify for other government benefits such as unemployment or food stamps. While these benefits do not directly cover your cancer treatments, they can certainly make things a bit more manageable while you are receiving treatment.

Apply for Grants

Some non-profits offer grant money to cancer patients in order to help ease their financial burden. These grants typically require an application process, so it's best to start applying as soon as possible. Most grants are state-specific, so it's best to start with an internet search of cancer treatment grants for your state. Some national nonprofits, such as the Emergency Cancer Relief Fund, also offer grant money for cancer patients.

Seek Help from Local Churches

An often overlooked way to help pay for cancer treatments is to seek help from local churches or other religious organizations. Churches often hold fundraisers for those facing daunting medical bills. It's probably best to start with a church that you already attend or are affiliated with, but some churches offer medical bill assistance even to those who aren't members of their church.

Apply for Travel Assistance

Cancer patients often have to travel to other cities or even states in order to receive the best possible treatment. The cost of gas or airfare and overnight stays for yourself and accompanying family members can quickly add up. Luckily, the nonprofit organization National Patient Travel Center offers free or discounted travel benefits for people in exactly that situation.

Funding cancer treatments can be daunting, but don't give up. By following these six tips, you may find that you are able to fully fund your cancer treatments without having to go into serious debt.


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