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Chiropractic Healing Works

Get Rid Of Those Wrinkles Through Laser Skin Rejuvenation

by Charlie Berry

Over time, you may begin noticing wrinkles and blemishes on your face. Even if you take good care of your skin, these things can appear and are hard to get rid of. If these spots really bother you, there is something you can do. You could seek help from a cosmetic dermatologist. One service that might be right for you is called laser skin rejuvenation. This service can help reduce wrinkles and blemishes and is also used for other purposes too. Here are three things you may want to know before you get this completed.

How It Is Done

Laser skin rejuvenation, also called laser skin resurfacing, can be completed in many ways; however, one of the most popular methods is with a CO2 laser. The dermatologist aims the laser at the blemishes on your skin, and the laser sends pulses of light and energy into the skin.

This energy penetrates the skin and actually removes outer layers of it. While it is relatively painless, it can be quite hot because the light produces heat.

Erbium laser resurfacing is another option used for the same purpose. According to Medicine Net, this procedure may have fewer side effects than the CO2 laser, and it tends to provide better results for people with darker skin tones.

Results Of The Procedure

There is no procedure available that will remove every wrinkle and blemish you have, especially if the spots are really deep. However, laser resurfacing does offer great results for removing wrinkles.

Before you get this done, you should realize that one treatment may not be enough. In fact, most people will need to have approximately five treatments completed before they achieve the results they are hoping for. It is also important to realize that the results occur gradually. After the procedure, your skin will need time to heal. Slowly, new layers of skin will form to replace the layers that were removed, and you will see results as this happens.

The end results will often last for many years, but there is no service available that can stop the natural aging process, which means that new wrinkles will appear as time goes by.

Alternative Options

A lot of people have the desire to eliminate wrinkles completely and this is one of the reasons cosmetic dermatology is so popular today. There are dozens of services you can choose from that may help you achieve this; however, laser skin resurfacing tends to offer the best and longest results. Here are some of the alternatives you could look into though:

  • Botox – Injections of protein can temporarily remove wrinkles. The results are almost instant; however, the wrinkles will begin appearing after four to six months. At that point, you will have to get the injections again if you want to keep the wrinkles away.
  • Microdermabrasion – This is a process completed with a machine. The machine removes the outer layers of skin, which causes new layers to grow. This method may minimize wrinkles, but it really has no effect on wrinkles caused by aging. The other downside is that it may take getting multiple treatments over a long period of time.
  • Chemical peels – The other option you could choose is a chemical peel. This is probably the most affordable option, but it does not offer the best results for deep wrinkles.

If you would like to learn more about laser skin resurfacing or any of the other options available, talk to a cosmetic dermatologist. This will help you discover all the services available, and you will be able to find out which is best for you. You can alsoclick here for more info


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