Chiropractic Healing Works

Chiropractic Healing Works

Natural Pain Relief Solutions For Apothecary Customers

by Charlie Berry

If you are an apothecary who runs a compounding pharmacy such as the site, then you work hard to make sure that every patient has the right medications for their needs. You may find that some individuals cannot or do not want to take the pain medicines that are prescribed to them though. Some people are sensitive to specific types of NSAID pain relievers, while others do not want to risk the bleeding and eye problems associated with the medications. If this is the case, then make sure to stock or make natural pain relief options like the ones listed below. This way, pain medications from sites like can be reduced or completely replaced for some of your customers.


If you have customers who come into your compounding pharmacy who are looking for relief from muscle pains, strains, or arthritis pain, then consider making a topical ointment that can offer assistance. Capsaicin is one ingredient that can be incredibly beneficial when added to a cream.  

Capsaicin is the compound in hot peppers that adds heat, and it can cause a burning sensation in the mouth when it is consumed. This same heat can soothe pain as long as smaller concentrations are utilized. The heat that is created by the capsaicin is an overpowering sensation felt by the body, and this overwhelms pain signals that are transmitted to the brain. The ingredient is often used to make hot sauce, so purchase food grade capsaicin powder for use in your pharmacy.

For patients with mild muscle problems, create an ointment with a .05% concentration of capsaicin. If an individual suffers from arthritis, shingles, or diabetic pain, then consider adding a concentration of .25% or .3% to the cream. Consider adding a small amount of clove oil to the ointment as well to relieve pain and inflammation.


Ginger has been used for decades to reduce nausea and intestinal discomfort, because the spice can reduce gas and neutralize stomach acid. Ginger can be used to reduce pain as well, because it contains a phytochemical called gingerole. Gingerole helps to fight free radicals that cause tissue damage, so the body can start working on repairing damaged muscles, joints, and other tissues that are causing pain. The phytochemical also naturally reduces inflammation.

Fresh ginger contains the most phytochemicals to help your customers, so consider grinding up a ginger root in a blender. Place a cheese cloth over a bowl and dump the contents of the blender in the cloth. Allow the juice to run into the bowl and add three or four teaspoons of the fluid to an oral suspension.

Ginger can be added topically to sore joints, so consider boiling the water out of the ginger juice and placing the concentrated extract in a dropper bottle for external use. The extract can be added to an ointment as well.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is used by many people to retain good heart and cardiovascular health, and the omega 3 fatty acids in the supplement are responsible for its benefits. Most people do not know that the fats can also reduce inflammation, control body stiffness, and reduce headaches. Fish oil can also be used to treat depression and the pain symptoms that accompany the disorder.  

Fish oil supplements are created by extracting fats from fish, so you cannot make the supplements yourself at your pharmacy. You can stock them though, and offer them to patients who suffer from pain conditions. Ask individuals to take fish oil capsules that contain up to 1,000 milligrams of omega 3 fatty acids every day. Just make sure customers do not exceed the recommended dose, because this can increase stroke risks.  

If you are an apothecary, then you may find yourself serving customers who do not want to take traditional types of pain relievers. You can offer natural solutions to these individuals and the examples above are three great options.


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