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Chiropractic Healing Works

How To Prevent Scars After Mole Removal

by Charlie Berry

If you see a mole or nevi on your body that is large, jagged, or asymmetrical, then it may be wise to have the mole removed. This is also true if the beauty mark is painful. These types of moles are often considered cancerous or precancerous. Your dermatologist will test the mole after removal to see if there is a melanoma concern. Once the mole is removed, a small scar may form. If the mole is removed from your face or if you are generally concerned about scars on your body, then follow the tips below to reduce that chance of a scar forming.

Keep your Skin Moisturized

When the dermis that sits deep in your skin becomes injured or damaged in some way, then the body forms a scab over the injury. The scab helps to protect the body from infection and it also covers the dermis so tissues can start to rebuild. The cells that sit on the edge of the injury produce collagen to make the repair. This protein is created across the injured area so the edges of the skin can be pulled tightly together. Collagen is created with fibrous strings to do this, and this creates a textured scar underneath the scab.

The collagen that is created by your body is necessary to repair the area where the mole was removed. You can help to smooth out the collagen that is produced by making sure the skin around the mole removal area is kept moist. This helps to keep your skin pliable so new collagen fibers do not pull as strongly on the sides of the wound.

Hydrate the Skin

It is a good idea to invest in a good moisturizer to use on your skin around the area where your mole was removed. Choose a product that is meant for dry skin to help retain as much moisture as possible. Look for oil-based products or creams that contain petrolatum.

Creams and lotions alone will not keep your skin moisturized though. You also need to make sure that you do not strip the natural oils away from your skin. These oils create a protective barrier across the epidermis so the skin cells do not dry out. Do not use strong soaps on your body and protect your skin properly against the wind outside.  

Also, consider eating healthy fats and oils to help your body produce enough oil to keep the skin hydrated. Flax seeds, sunflower seeds, tofu, salmon, and avocados are all good sources of healthy fats.

Reduce Sun Exposure

The rays of the sun are quite damaging to the skin. When sun damage occurs across your mole removal area, then the healing process may be delayed. This means that collagen is produced over a longer period of time and this can create a lumpy and uneven texture as new collagen forms over already repaired tissues. When this happens, then the sides of the wound may be pulled together unevenly too, and collagen may form in layers to elevate the scar tissue.

Cover the Area

To reduce these concerns, make sure to keep the mole removal area covered by a bandage whenever you go outside. Deep injuries can take about two weeks to heal, so provide coverage for this entire time period. Afterwards, consider wearing dark colored clothing to cover the area. Dark colors absorb the rays of the sun better than lighter colors and this keeps the rays from reaching your skin. Also, tightly woven fabrics like denim and canvas offer the best protection.

If you need to have a mole removed, then you may be concerned about the scar that can be left behind. Fortunately, scars can be prevented or minimized. Keeping your skin moisturized and reducing sun damage are two good ways to keep scars from forming. For more information, contact a local mole removal specialist. 


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