Chiropractic Healing Works

Chiropractic Healing Works

3 Things To Know About Medical Cannabis

by Charlie Berry

As more states loosen their laws that revolve around medical cannabis and recognize its medical benefits, more people are wanting to turn to it for their own medical needs. If you are suffering from one of many types of conditions, injuries, or other ailments, then you may also be interested in medical cannabis. If you reside in a state that allows medical cannabis, then you should read this article that offers 3 things you should know about medical cannabis and medical cannabis doctors. 

1: A medical cannabis doctor must approve you for a card

If you are interested in medical marijuana and feel it can help you with the things you are dealing with, then you will need to see a medical cannabis doctor. They will give you a consultation, talk to you, go over your medical records, and then determine whether you qualify for a medical cannabis card. If you do, then they will approve you for the card. 

2: A medical cannabis card is still good in states where recreational cannabis is permitted

Some people who reside in states where recreational cannabis is permitted might not think there is any benefit to having the card. However, there actually are some good reasons for being a medical cannabis cardholder in a recreational use state. Just some of the benefits of having a card in a recreational use state include: 

  • The card can save you a lot of money on your cannabis purchases
  • With the card, you can often possess and even grow more than recreational users
  • In some states, the legal age for use is lower for those with a card
  • Some exclusive dispensaries only accept customers with a card
  • In some cases, the more potent cannabis is reserved for medical use
  • Some states accept a medical cannabis card from another state
  • Medical use dispensaries can have lines that are much shorter

3: You have to renew the medical cannabis card according to your state requirements

When you get your medical cannabis card, you want to make sure you know how often you will need to have it renewed. The length of time for renewals does vary from state to state. Make sure you plan to see the medical cannabis doctor well before the date that your card expires, this way if something comes up that prevents you from going on that day, you will still have time to reschedule the appointment. 

For more information, contact a local medical office like Texas Medical Marijuana Doctors.


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