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Bacterial-Related Productive Cough: Urgent Care Treatment Options

by Charlie Berry

If you have a bacterial infection that has affected your lungs, you may develop a productive cough. As opposed to dry coughs, productive coughs are those that bring up mucus from the lungs. If not treated appropriately, you may be unable to expel the mucus, which may cause shortness of breath and even raise your risk for a secondary infection as a result of bacteria-rich mucus collecting in your lungs and airway. Here are some effective treatments that the healthcare staff at an urgent care center may recommend for your bacterial-related productive cough.

Antibiotic Prescription

If the urgent care physician suspects that your productive cough is related to a bacterial infection as opposed to a viral infection, they will prescribe antibiotics. Broad-spectrum antibiotics help eliminate different strains of bacteria that are commonly responsible for bronchitis and other respiratory infections that produce productive coughs. Conversely, if the physician determines that your cough is caused by a viral infection, antibiotics will not be prescribed.

Antibiotic therapy is only effective against infections that are caused by bacterial organisms and because of this, is not effective in the treatment of viral infections. The urgent care physician may remind you to complete your entire antibiotic prescription to ensure that your infection completely resolves. After you start taking the antibiotics, not only will your productive cough begin to subside, but so will the other symptoms related to your bacterial infection such as fever and muscle pain. 

Inhaled Mucolytic Nebulizer Treatments

Another urgent care intervention the staff may offer you is an inhaled mucolytic nebulizer treatment. Mucolytics are medications that help break up and liquefy thick mucus in the lungs so that it can be expelled easier. In addition to bacterial respiratory infections and productive coughs, mucolytic nebulizer treatments are commonly prescribed for those with chronic obstructive e pulmonary disease, asthma, and cystic fibrosis.

Once mucus and phlegm have been expelled from your airways, you may breathe easier and cough less. Although inhaled mucolytics are usually well-tolerated by most people, these medications can cause side effects such as stomach upset and throat irritation. The urgent care staff will monitor your response to the nebulizer treatment and will intervene as warranted. 

If you develop a productive cough, seek prompt medical attention. When your bacterial infection of the respiratory tract and subsequent productive cough is treated early, your symptoms will resolve quickly and secondary infections may be less likely to develop. 

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