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Seven Important Details You Need To Consider When Making Arrangements For Medical Transportation

by Charlie Berry

Patients might require medical transportation services for a variety of reasons. Medical transportation services are most frequently needed by patients who are unable to drive themselves to a health care facility due to a medical condition. 

If you must make arrangements for medical transportation services, there are numerous details to look into to arrange services that best meet your needs. The following are seven important details you need to consider when making arrangements for medical transportation. 

Medical training of staff

Depending on your particular needs and the health condition you're dealing with, you might want staff members to have at least some medical training such as CPR certification. 

If you're arranging emergency transportation or medical transportation for patients with serious illnesses, you might want a fully trained nurse or EMT to be included among employees staffing each vehicle. 

Equipment availability

You might need your transportation service to offer the use of certain pieces of equipment during trips to hospitals or other healthcare institutions. For example, you might need your service to have wheelchairs or stretchers available.

You should discuss equipment availability before deciding on a service to work with. 


One of the most important things to agree upon with your medical transportation service is the schedule. Find a medical transportation provider that is available to offer service on the days of the week and at times of day that you need it. 


You should compare costs between medical transportation service providers. However, don't just hire whichever service offers the lowest costs. Safety and convenience are important considerations, and you should definitely opt for more thorough transportation services if they'll offer you more peace of mind. 

Origin and destination

Some medical transportation services may only offer local transportation while others provide long-distance transportation. You need to make sure you specify the distance of your planned journeys with your service provider to find a company that can accommodate your needs.

Customer service

Customer service offerings are important because you may need to get a hold of a representative of the company before, during, or after your trip. It's important to choose a medical transportation service that is attentive to your needs by being available during business hours when you have a question or concern. 

Long-term or onetime

If you'll be using a medical transportation service long-term for numerous trips, it's important to discuss this with the service when you arrange your first ride. Some medical transportation services will offer lower-cost services if they know that you will be a repeat customer. 


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