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Chiropractic Healing Works

High School Reunion on the Horizon: A Timeline for Getting That Botox Treatment

by Charlie Berry

High school reunions can be tough. While the primary purpose is to catch up with your classmates and discuss what they've done with their lives, you know that you're probably going to silently judge your former classmates while comparing their lives to yours, and vice versa. You and everyone else are also checking out how well everybody has aged.

If you know that your reunion is coming up soon and you've decided to see if botox can help smooth your wrinkles and crow's feet, you need to understand the botox treatment timeline so that you'll be better informed on the best time to schedule your treatment. Botox treatments aren't permanent, and there is a small timeline that you can actually receive the treatment and see its effects.

Botox Treatments

When you receive botox, the medicine causes the muscles around your wrinkles to tighten until they're unable to contract further, which is how wrinkles form on your face in the first place. Tightening those muscles is what smooths your face.The effect is only temporary, however, lasting between three and six months.

Therefore, to be safe, you want to make sure that your reunion isn't scheduled longer than three months after you receive the treatment. If it's less than six months, you might be alright. But why risk it? 

When You Schedule

The process of receiving a botox treatment takes about a month. So, make sure you schedule your appointment to allow you time to let the treatment happen. You must prepare your face to receive the injection and give the botox time to smooth your wrinkles.

Two weeks before the treatment, you'll need to start foregoing common over-the-counter pain relief medications, like Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and Aleve, plus any anti-inflammatory medications. Consult your doctor about what medications are and aren't ok to use. This is done to prevent bruising when you receive the injections.

One week before the treatment, you'll need to abstain from drinking alcohol. Avoiding alcohol helps to ensure that you get the best possible results from the botox treatment.

Botox treatments usually take between 1 and 2 weeks to produce the full effect. During this time, you're likely to notice a gradual smoothing around your eyes and on your forehead, plus anywhere else that you receive injections. After two weeks, you should be ready to rock that high school reunion and soak up all those compliments about how good you look. As mentioned above though, make sure you plan for about a month ahead when scheduling.

Final Thoughts

Anything that makes you feel better about attending your high school reunion is a good thing. Plus, botox has been shown to be both relatively safe and effective. Also, the great thing about botox treatments is that, after you receive the first one, when the wrinkles do return, they generally aren't as severe. For more information, contact a local botox business, such as Mansfield Plastic Surgery LLC, to learn more.


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